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  • Nylon Lanyards Nylon Lanyards

    Hard wearing and long lasting, nylon lanyards are perfect for carrying bulky items such as a set of keys, mobile phones or water bottles.

  • Polyester Lanyards Polyester Lanyards

    Polyester Printed Lanyards are affordable, have a low minimum and are the most popular type of lanyard that we produce.

  • Tube lanyards Tubular Lanyards

    Tubular lanyards are made from loosely stitched polyester, formed into a tube and folded at the end.

  • Full Color Printed Lanyard Full Color Printed Lanyard

    Full Color lanyards are similar to the polyester lanyards but printing is done through heat transfer process and supports multiple print colors.

  • Woven Lanyard Woven Lanyard

    Woven Lanyards are made from the same material as our Polyester Printed Lanyards.